How To Eat Healthily On Holiday

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Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy your holiday and stay healthy at the same time. We’re not saying that you have to be a saint, but if you want to remain trim and healthy, then there are some tips you could follow.

Dine out locally

Holidays are a time to broaden your horizons and to try new taste and flavours. When dining out, try to pick local restaurants wherever possible and take the opportunity to learn more about local dishes.These are guaranteed to be made with fresh local produce and should be free from processed ingredients. From paella in Los Pajares to carpaccio in Catania and Moules in Monte Carlo, these fresh, healthy options will expand your mind and not your waistline.

Avoid the bread basket

When eating al fresco there always seems to be a bread basket on offer. The tempting aroma of fresh bread can be hard to resist but try. Whether brioche, ciabatta or baguette is your downfall, stay strong. They are laden with calories and guaranteed to make you feel bloated.

Eat plenty of fish

One of the best things about holidaying by the sea is the abundance of fresh fish in every local bar or restaurant. We all know that eating plenty of fish can help you stay in shape especially when baked, barbequed or grilled. White fish is a good source of  low-fat protein with oily fish the perfect choice for those essential Omega 3 fats. Sample the local delicacies with a crisp salad (dressing on the side mind!) or some delicious home grown vegetables. Many eateries will have large sharing platters which often include moules, prawns, crab and lobster.

Watch the alcohol

You are on holiday and entitled to let your hair down, After all, you have waited months for this trip, so a few glasses of wine or sangria won’t do any harm. Or will they? By all means, enjoy yourself but just be aware that alcoholic drinks are laden with ‘empty’ calories. Drink in moderation and try to alternate each glass with a drink of water. It will slow down your alcohol intake and keep you hydrated.

Snack in moderation

Hotels and bars are notorious sources of calorie laden snacks. With every round of drinks consumed, there seems to be a complimentary snack. From tapas to tzatziki all of these delicious nibbles could double your calorie intake in just one sitting. So graze wisely and keep track of what you consume.

A bit on the side

When opting for a salad or any dish that comes with a sauce be sure to ask your waiter if it can be served separately on the side. Substitute oily salad dressings and creamy sauces with lower fat options or just enjoy your meal without. Seasonal dishes are often so flavoursome there is no need to add anything extra.

Having said all that, you are entitled to treat yourself too. If you want a dessert then have one, and make sure you enjoy it – you are on holiday after all.

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    Great advises! On vacation and I bring a suitcase of snacks lol.

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