CCNAILS Salon quality products using vegan friendly formulas


When I had my first screen printed bottle with the words CCNAILS on it; that was a day to remember.

I had the privilege to interview Christine Rene founder of CCNAILS. She is a successful entrepreneur, her nail polish brand got featured in countless of magazines and promotional goodie bags such as OK Magazine, Hollywood Life, In Style magazine and Radar Online.

Christine’s nail polish brand stands out because it’s vegan friendly. Believe it or not but a lot of makeup company’s use animal ingredients or test on animals. Something most of us are totally unaware of. For example a lot of nail polish brands use fish scales. This is being used to get a shimmery effect. If you are not a big fan of animal cruelty you can be rest assured CCNAILS is cruelty free and vegan, there are zero animal ingredients. And the quality is amazing! Read my interview to find out more about the founder and her vegan friendly nail polish!

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What inspired you to start CCNAILS?
I have always loved fashion and beauty. After going to school for government and politics, and after the urgings of some friends who knew what my real passion was I took the plunge and went to beauty school for nails. I loved it. After being in the industry for a short time, I learned the ins and outs of the beauty business and wanted something more. After completing an esthetician program and graduate school, I still needed something more and wanted to get into fashion.

My girlfriend told me about F.I.T. in NY and soon we took a road trip up there. I knew NY is where I needed to be. I sent in my application and waited. I was so excited when I got my acceptance letter. I made my plans for my new future.

What was it like living and working in NY?
Living and working in NY was challenging, but I knew I was only there temporarily. In January 2000, I relocated back to my hometown of Washington, D.C. for a slower pace. I worked in corporate retail as an Assistant Buyer for a few more years. But longed for a more focused meaning; my own brand. I filed for my trademark in late summer or fall of 2000 and started my LLC soon after that.

What accomplishments are you proud of?
I received in the trademark for CCNAILS in 2002. That was a great achievement because I had finally made my dream a reality; creating the brand. When I had my first screen printed bottle with the words CCNAILS on it; that was a day to remember.

What is your brands philosophy?
The CCNAILS philosophy is “providing salon quality products using vegan friendly formulas”. You can find the products on,

Are you active on social media where can we find you online?
Instagram: therealccnails
Facebook: Christinerene
CCNAILS on Pinterest in the works

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