New designer watch collection by Christian Valentin

watch collection

Are you in need of a high-quality and stylish looking watch? If you answered YES to that question, than prepare yourself for the ultimate watch collection that will blow your mind. The Christian Valentin’s new watch collection is out and it is making a big mark in the industry. The collection is called as ‘The Sailor’ and it’s something that every man would fall in love with.

In today’s world, we all want something that is good quality yet classy. ‘The Sailor’ collection is the perfect definition of that. The inspiration and ideas come from Christian Valentin’s own love for sailing. The collection contains 4 different designs that are different from one another, but the inspiration behind them is the same. Each watch has a very classic and timeless design that will draw every man near.

watch collection

Men really put a lot of thought into the watches they purchase because it is an accessory that they never go out without. Whether they are heading to the office, a business meeting, a date or any other formal event; a watch is an accessory that completes their outfit. This is exactly why every man out there needs to get his hands on one of the watches in the Christian Valentin’s new collection.  Buy your favorite model now at

The design of these amazing and divine watches actually occurred to Christian’s mind when he was sailing along the peaceful coasts of quite Denmark. The more he sailed along that coast, the more he started to anticipate the new and interesting designs.

Each wood watch in ‘The Sailor’ collection will make you stand out among the crowd. There are 4 different designs: Walnut Wood, Walnut Wood Black, Maple Wood, Maple Wood White. There is just something about the designs of these watches that will catch everyone’s eye and we assure you that people would be asking you about where the watches are from.

Christian Valentin stands for comfort, simplicity and quality; all these features can be found in his watch designs. Prepare yourself to be blown away! Buy your favorite model now at

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