Personalized jewelry

Let’s Get Personal …With Jewelry…

Personalized jewelry has been a thing for ages. Through the years it has gained popularity, faded away, and has since come back. The difference…


A Guide To Unique Accessories!

Image Source Accessories are an important part of our outfits; whilst it doesn’t make up the main part of what we wear, it’s a…


liposuction, pal

Is liposuction worth it?

Liposuction is a pretty expensive procedure so while considering it, you should know if it can benefit you or not. It is a fantastic…

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low-carb diet

Why You Should Go Low-Carb Diet

Old-fashioned diets, which restrict calories, cause food craving and hunger. On the contrary, a new way of eating allows us to eat fat and…


Diet & Fitness Fads To Try

With the last quarter of 2017 well under way, some of you may be realising you didn’t stick to that New Year’s fitness plan….

Lapasa yoga sports bra

I love running, and that’s a fact. For me, the two most important pieces of running equipment that we need for running is a…