Dubai travel guide: best kept secrets

Ah, Dubai: beaches, five-star hotels, glitzy shopping malls – we all know about Dubai, right? Yes, absolutely. But there’s a whole lot more to…


coral pendants

What to wear with coral pendants

Coral pendants Underwater world gives us many beautiful and incredible things. One of its miracles is coral – freeze skeletons of millions of tiny…

Maria Cardelli, bags

The Perfect Gift By Maria Cardelli

If you’re like me this summer, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of birthdays in your group of friends. Summer birthdays are…


klenskin, sunscreen

Everyone Needs Sunscreen

It’s true that dark skin is higher in the pigment melanin than light skin, which can provide some protection against skin cancer and aging….

beauty essentials

Beauty Essentials For Your Travel Bag

Are you planning your next summer getaway? Here are a few beauty essentials that are must haves when you’re away from home. Palettes Are…

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5 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

Most people, at some point in their lives, reach the stage where they are unhappy with their bodies and want to see a change….