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Destination Ibiza, My Favorite Spots

There is something very special about Ibiza. It has a unique energy and it can make all the worries of the world disappear. This…



Instagram And The Effects On Body Image

If we all collectively stop trying to push one beauty and one health ideal, and start promoting diversity that surrounds us, we may change…


5 Tips To Feel More Attractive

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Feeling and looking more…



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5 reasons to start playing golf

Success in golf depends less on strength of body more on strength of mind and character. Whether you want to play golf to de-stress…


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How Your Social Life Impacts Your Health

Studies have shown that loneliness can increase cortisol levels, making us more susceptible to viruses and depression. Even mortality rates are higher among men…